BCCC opens a course called “Block Chain University”

Blockchain Collaborative Consortium, also known as BCCC, is opening a course called “Block Chain University” as an educational program at 17th August, for the sake of establishing skills of engineers and agencies in related industries.

The curriculum supported by Bitbank is limited to employees at member companies of BCCC, 30 participants at most, and costs 60,000 yen (about $600).

Yoichiro Hirano, the president of BCCC, explained the reason for opening the University was that like other technology at an early stage there had been lesser systematic information and an educational opportunity for grasping the detail of blockchain, thus a whole degree of understanding among the industries has been not enough. He said that “it is important to increase the number of blockchain engineers and to develop applications”.

In the class at this university, students are to learn about Bitcoin, the original crypto currency.

A vice president of BCCC, Takao Asayama, also known as a CEO of TechBureau, states that “A blockchain is a data structure, created for enabling Bitcoin to function as a crypto currency”. To learn a concept of blockchain, it is necessary to understand the details of Bitcoin, he said.

The number of member companies of BCCC surged from 34 on April, to 80 Today. Not only did tech providers, but also potential users, such as Daiwa Security Group and Information Services International- Dentsu, Ltd join as members of BCCC lately, Hirano emphasized. He noted that the number is going to be above 100, which was the original goal in 2016, earlier than he expected at first.

Kanetou Kanemoto, a promoter of BCCC and a CEO of Okwave, pointed that Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank, Citibank, and the others are actively researching the way of using blockchain for a bank. He also emphasized the notion that a trend of the blockchain, and a benefit of learning a new technical savvy.


Date of publication: August 18, 2016

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