NEM is built 100% from scratch (not a fork of any existing project)
NEM is built with test-driven development
NEM uses innovative Proof-of-Importance algorithm: first reputation based blockchain algorythm
NEM has customizable assets called Mosaics. Editable supply, levies, description, transferabillity and more.
NEM has Namespaces to help maintain reputation of Mosaics
NEM improves different features of POW and POS coins, being more efficient and environmentally friendly
NEM one minute average block times
NEM is the first crypto with delegated harvesting
NEM is the first with localized spam protection
NEM is the first with Eigentrust++ peer reputation management
NEM is the first editable m-of-n multisig with blockchain based alerts
NEM is the first every P2P network with nodes time syncing in a decentralized manner
NEM offers encrypted, unencrypted and hex messaging
NEM is easy to install with a one click installer
NEM zero monetary inflation (fixed supply, all 9 billion coins released at launch).
NEM relatively large egalitarian distribution
NEM will offer a mobile wallet for both iOS and Android (coming soon)