Fintech and blockchain: The impact on Japan’s IT services sector

A report by Merrill Lynch, a subsidiary of the BoA, is telling about the impact of blockchain based fintech technology on Japan´s IT servicing Sector.

Highlighted blockchain technologies are Bitcoin, Ethereum and very especially NEM and its privatechain Mijin.

According to the report, Mijin is suited for:

[“a wide variety of large-scale, sophisticated systems..”]

and could:

[“including point program services, account settlement, online gaming, mileage programs,
insurance, and transactions at financial and government institutions..]”

Also the NEM project itself is described as:

[“a next-generation blockchain project that natively supports
multisignature accounts, NameSpace (used to manage multiple assets), and Mosaic
functionality, all of which are blockchain-based technologies utilizing APIs for easy
handling..”] S.15

This confirms what many followers of nem already knowed for long, that NEM is awesome technology, which will change the IT world for good.

To read the full report as pdf, please visit one of the links below.




Date of publication: July 21/October 13, 2016

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