How Do I Get Importance on the NEM Blockchain?

[One of the most asked questions in various crypto-related chats is how Proof-of-Importance works. There’s already an article on that, so you should read that article here if you haven’t already. After learning what PoI is, most people will then ask the next logical question: “How do I get importance?”

This concept can generally be simplified down to the fact that the use of the network is rewarded, as opposed to only your stake or mining power. This article aims to go more into detail about the importance calculation formulas, while avoiding complicated math and cryptography concepts.

In order to increase your PoI score, send more transactions to more people. This will result in a net loss of money, but your PoI score will go up. There are protection measures in place to ensure that won’t allow you to profit by artificially inflating your score.

So, just use the network honestly and normally, and you won’t have any troubles..]


date of publication: July 19, 2016

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