Lock-on, Inc., towards the application of the e-commerce of the block chain technology, to complete the verification of the first stage. Besides, great potential to EC infrastructure of Omni channel era of cost reduction.

Lock-on Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Kita-ku, President: Susumu Iwata, following lock-on) is Tech bureau Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Nishi-ku, President: Takao Asayama, following Tech bureau) is provided of e-commerce for orders engine utilizing the block chain technology “mijin”, which will be announced that it has completed the technical verification of the first stage.

Take advantage of the block chain technology in e-commerce is lock-on is making a demonstration experiment also pioneer in the country as its own efforts. Orders engine for this e-commerce lock-on currently provides Japan No.1EC build open source (※ 1) in the three systems, which is the latest version of the “EC-CUBE”, in the form of operating a point management part as mijin plug-in , April 2016, we carried out the operation verification. As a result, in addition to the usefulness of a high load, which had been initially expected, is capable of real-time information updates in a secure from multiple EC systems, is a technology that can be in infrastructure in the coming Omni channel EC era we were able to finish the basic confirmation. This experiment is, then the aim of extensions to the orders and membership management, will conduct the verification and further development. The next demonstration experiment report is scheduled to perform on the prospect of the end of June 2016.

Status report with high affinity to the EC of the block chain technology of verification
In recent years, private-block chain (※ 3) technology to attract attention in the field of FinTech (※ 2) has a characteristic such as “does not disappear,” “can not be tampered with,” “zero down time”, that it is possible to use in general-purpose applications It has been expected. In this development verification, the nation’s only private block chain technology “mijin” with the Tech bureau, that applied to orders engine of the EC site, is intended to explore the potential for innovative EC infrastructure construction. Through this demonstration experiment, affinity to the e-commerce of the block chain technology before this verification you were expecting, was led to think that there is a higher possibility.

Load cost significantly reduce a large-scale EC site
When the EC site to grow, it is to stop and Web site itself of down time of function due to simultaneous concentration of that becomes a problem orders. Originally situation that should be selling opportunities, there was often make a big opportunity loss due to various bottlenecks. However, in the conventional typical system configuration, to judge without delay the order seconds dozens of of at the time of peak becomes necessary cost of tens of millions of yen per year, resulting in a lot of fixed costs is not wasted year. One of the big bottleneck, was database responsible for inventory management and order parts. For the page itself and image files, but the variance of the load is now relatively easy due to the development in recent years of the CDN, throughput improvement by equipment enhancement was the only solution is for the account database. Then, seconds at hundreds of large-scale EC site, such as there are orders, assumed Upon building the infrastructure that can be operated with zero down time, can reduce that by significantly building and operating costs of applying the present technology Doing. This time we were able to confirm its usefulness in point management part. In the future, in the management of orders and membership information, it is scheduled to proceed with the further technical verification.

As innovative infrastructure of the Omni channel EC
In recent years, its own EC site and the mall, and even now many large-scale EC system, such as to work with the company’s engine system. In addition, it has become a collaboration in which Omni channel correspondence is important theme of the store sales and EC store, out of order information, product information, customer information, point information, you need to cooperate with each other in the inventory information, and the like different system we have. Usually for periodic batch processing in mutual cooperation of these information are applied, a time lag of more than five minutes to correct information in both is reflected is generated and stock information and point information, particularly real-time property is required update delay of had become a problem. This time, in this verification, the point information in which a plurality of independent system is arbitrarily changed, it was found easily and application to the mechanism to be shared in real-time to secure is possible. This is typified by the recent Omni channels, because they can be applied to a mechanism to update at the same time information on “multiple stores,” such as local stores and Internet stores, it can be the most suitable infrastructure of the future of the Omni channel EC era it means.

Ensure that secure with a possible updating of the point information in real time
The original block chain, and the function of preventing the double payment, function to prevent tampering of the internal data, and the account function to maintain the integrity of the data are included. In addition, many of them have completed the encryption technology in the software, you can than traditional databases and applications to achieve a higher security environment. The previous demonstration experiment, the application of “mijin” to the account function of “EC-CUBE”, automatically prevents double counting points, it confirmed that a high potential to eliminate the inconsistency of their data we were able. This indicates that that can be the EC infrastructure of in the future of the omni-channel era.

Lock-on and Tech future efforts of the bureau
This development verification work will start from January 2016, in April 2016, cooperation system between the “mijin”, “EC-CUBE” is we have completed. In the future, in addition to the verification of the operational and security and performance, to develop the cooperation process with the system of non-EC-CUBE, we will build a general-purpose infrastructure that can be used in the EC. The future, and to be sold exclusively to “mijin” packages available in the “EC-CUBE” than the lock-on, Solutions Division of the lock-on in, orders for large-scale EC sites and Omni channel EC construction utilizing the present technology , it has further put a single provision of the EC infrastructure in the field of view. It should be noted that, “mijin” is a public plan as open source in the summer of 2016, the price of a commercial license is planning hundreds of thousands of yen per year.

With respect to companies

About “Corporation lock-on” (Web site: http://www.lockon.co.jp/ )
Co., Ltd. lock-on, including the marketing platform “Adoebisu” more than the introduction of the company number 7000 companies, domestic listing advertising operation platform “THREe”, the domestic No.1 EC building open source “EC-CUBE”, such as carry out the research and dissemination of information marketing “marketing metrics Institute”, offers one of the largest marketing solutions in Japan. In September 2014 and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers, we aim to expand business in further domestic as Kansai IT venture company. In addition, not only in Japan, such as the establishment of affiliated companies in the United States Silicon Valley and Vietnam, it is being aggressively expanded overseas.

About “EC-CUBE” (Web site: http://www.ec-cube.net/ ) EC open platform “EC-CUBE” is, in 2006 the EC site building package that lock-on was developed as an open source 9 which was published in the month, has been certified as Japan No.1 EC building open source, the number of 1.7 million items than download, we are actually running at an estimated 22,000 stores or more (lock-on research). Released “EC-CUBE B2B” between commerce (BtoB) for EC site construction packaging companies in September 2014. In July 2015 we released the latest version of “EC-CUBE 3.0” which investigated the improvement of “scalability”.

About “Tech bureau Co., Ltd.” (Web site: http://techbureau.jp/ ) Tech bureau Co., Ltd., the crypto-fin-Tech, which develops software and services based on encryption technology and currency block chain technology is a lab (Crypto-Fintech lab.). Another of coincidence currency, including the Bitcoin exchange trading platform “Zaif” and private block chain infrastructure software “mijin”, offers contract development and consulting services of the block chain technology introduction.

About “mijin” (Web site: http://mijin.io/ ) “mijin” can be assembled in the cloud or on their own data centers, the available private-block chain environment within and between enterprises platform is. And at the same time dramatically reduce the cost to replace the existing database and accounting system, the other that can be built falsification impossible security environment, to achieve virtually zero downtime. Electronic money from financial institutions, point, online games, to logistics, widely available. “Mijin cloud chain” is a PaaS that was to be able to take advantage of this “mijin” on the Cloud (Platform as a Service). ※ 1: Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan due to a “third times open source software utilization Business Survey” ※ 2: coined that the FinTech (FinTech) multiplied by the financial (Financial) technology (Technology), financial and it means the innovative use of the financial system that combines iT. Conventionally, the field of this fin Tech plays was what leading IT vendors to provide services for financial institutions are involved. However, the past few years is a collection of relatively small-scale venture start-up companies of the entrants is increased attention with technology innovation. ※ 3: was invented by bit coin, is the foundation technology of data processing by the P2P method. More than one computer performs a distributed consensus, is characterized by to process multiple data on a block-by-block basis while cryptographic signature. It runs on low-cost computers, to achieve zero downtime, tampering impossible security. Backup and redundancy also without the need, is capable of dramatic cost reduction, because it does not fall even exceed the capacity, it has been attracting attention also to financial institutions.

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