Nano wallet Beta 1.1.3 released – Testnet – Bugbounty still available!

Quantum_Mechanics released version 1.1.3 of the ultralight and easy to use nanowallet for testnet. Nanowallet is currently in Beta as it is still under development, already being in an advanced stadium of the Beta.

Nanowallet 1.1.3 also includes the implementation of the changelly exchange modul which was delivered by Nikhil, further information on how easy it is to built on javascript within the nanowallet can be found here.

Download link:

Features of the nanowallet include:

  • Simple and mosaic transfers
  • Namespaces & mosaics
  • Create and edit multisignature contracts
  • Delegated harvesting & income chart
  • Plain & encrypted messaging
  • Apostille module
  • Transactions to alias (@namespace)
  • BIP32 accounts
  • NCC wallet support
  • Market information
  • Balance to BTC and USD
  • Changelly Instant Exchange module

To get started with the nanowallet or involed in the Beta testing,




QM´s fresh release of nanowallet:

Nikhils introduction on easy implementation of the changelly exchange module within the nanowallet:

Date of publication: October 10, 2016

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