NanoWallet Beta 1.3.0 released

Nanowallet Beta 1.3.0 has been released, you can download the new version here:–%20Apostille%20TX%205b8847344028781eb566ffb60803ee1d7c427b3bd5c3dbcb92f1236207b0a293%20–


NanoWallet Beta 1.3


Changes in Version 1.3.0

  • New design
  • Address book
  • Fix Apostille on Chrome and Safari
  • No need to provide an account address to create a private key wallet, address will be shown automatically
  • Same as above point but for creating multisig accounts
  • Importance transaction module show the corresponding remote account address when a custom public key is provided
  • Fix handling of decimal amount in normal transfer transaction, comma and dot decimal mark can be used
  • Fix message fee
  • Fix ‘unknown mosaic divisibility’ error when receiving a new mosaic
  • Limit individual apostille file to 100MB
  • Fix display of importance score
  • Lock app and show message if browser not supported
  • New market data provider
  • Minor fixes & improvements

This archive is certified using Apostille:
Apostille hash: 4e54590367f408c53daecd76cab98d09917fd72485ca9a4428119cce115a2838384dacf2
Transaction hash: 5b8847344028781eb566ffb60803ee1d7c427b3bd5c3dbcb92f1236207b0a293

If you have a Github account please report issues here: otherwise you can let a message in this thread. Thanks :slight_smile:

To receive a bug bounty, issues must be made in Github and have the payout address included. Jabo38 will filter and reward the bug bounties.

/!\ It is highly recommended to use latest Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

/!\ Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer are not fully supported and could lead to the loss of your XEM if private key not backed up. For now, use of these browsers is locking the application.

Previous Nano Wallet version 1.2.12:–%20Apostille%20TX%20db115f17dc5d965751fc14d3f8724101d429dce55177a2a97f47a6e9cc8a64b0%20–


  • Simple and mosaic transfers
  • Namespaces & mosaics
  • Create and edit multisignature contracts
  • Delegated harvesting & income chart
  • Plain & encrypted messaging
  • Apostille module
  • Transactions to alias (@namespace)
  • BIP32 accounts
  • NCC wallet support
  • Market information
  • Balance to BTC and USD
  • Changelly Instant Exchange module
  • Address book

Detailed comparison with other apps:


I – How to use Nano Wallet ?

No installation or local server needed.
Once you have extracted the NanoWallet folder from the archive you can simply click on start.html to open the app in your default navigator.

II – How to import NCC wallet ?

Open NCC and your wallet, clicking on user icon should reveal a drop-down menu with “Export to ligthwallet”.
Once your have your wallet (.json format), open Nano and import it. It’ll ask for an upgrade and trigger the download of your updated wallet.

III – Imported accounts that are already harvesting using NCC

NCC is using a different way to generate the remote associated with an account. Nano Wallet uses BIP32 to generate it deterministically and make everything easier. In order to manage and monitor harvesting, you’ll need to deactivate the old remote account from NCC and activate your new remote account from Nano.

/!\ Later note for main network:
If you are part of the Supernodes program you’ll need to re-enroll your node using your new delegated public key.

IV – Update Nano Wallet

Before update make sure that you don’t have any wallets stored into the NanoWallet folder (you can place them anywhere you want). Then, just delete old version and unzip new version.

Known issues

  • Sometimes unconfirmed transactions does not show up for cosignatories

For more information and support please visit the NEM Forum at:

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