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If you can write Node.js script and can write about it, then there are new bounties open to you!

Developer Bounties!



Here is the list of projects given as suggestions. The NEM team will be willing to add additional projects if a community member suggests them.

  • How to use NEM mosaics as in-game currency (use an open source JS game and reward high scores with mosaics that can be exchanged for badges). Bounty: 150,000 XEM
  • How to create a payment API using NEM (asynchronously check an address for incoming tx with a previously defined msg and on success return something to the user). Bounty: 75,000 XEM
  • Build a new version of XEMsign. This is a bot that a person can run on a server that will watch the chain and sign transactions for multisig accounts. The bot will only sign if transactions meet certain requirements. Examples can be a whitelist or blacklist of receiving accounts, daily limits, transaction limits, min balance limits, or a special message sent with the transaction (Google 2FA or secret password). Bounty: 75,000
  • Build an instant exchange module for Nano wallet utilizing Changelly APIs. Bounty: 75,000 XEM
  • How to create a voting app using NEM (using sink addresses for voting options, filtering for duplicates). Should also be compatible with Nano wallet. Bounty: 75,000 XEM
  • How to create an inventory app using NEM (simple UI that allows the transfer of mosaic assets between “warehouses” -> addresses). Bounty: 75,000 XEM
  • How to make a better block explorer for NEM. Bounty: 75,000 XEM
  • How to make a stats viewer for NEM accounts (numeric/graphical presentation of account data with a well thought-out UI, filtering options, integrable into nano). Bounty: 75,000 XEM
  • How to make a NEM notifier application that sends emails and/or Telegram bot that sends messages when an alarm notice happens (alarms: low balance, transaction happened, etc.) on a watched account. Bounty: 75,000 XEM
  • Create NEM ID, a NEM implementation of BitID. Example: Bounty: 75,000 XEM
  • How to use NEM as a coupon system for business coupons. Should also be compatible with Nano wallet. Bounty: 75,000 XEM
  • Set up a testnet faucet for XEM and Mosaic. Bounty: 75,000 XEM
  • Build a key recovery service (KRS) that creates an (n+1) multisig account. The KRS keeps the +1 private key and returns the other private keys to the user. When the user wants to retrieve the stored private key from the KRS, the KRS triggers calls a predefined webhook. Example: Bounty: 75,000 XEM

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Date of publication: September 12, 2016

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