PR Release: NEM participation at Inside Fintech Exhibition Conference

Seoul, Korea  8-9 December 2016

NEM and MIJIN participated at the recent Inside Fintech Exhibition & Conference in Seoul, Korea on 8-9 December 2016. The NEM team had a booth and presented its innovative technology to the attendees of the exhibition. In addition to that, NEM’s team member, Rene Bernard explained NEM and its highly versatile application “APOSTILLE” during a 45-minutes talk to the conference professional delegates.

NEM, Gold sponsor of the 2016 Inside Fintech Exhibition, is proud to announce that hundreds of seriously interested parties visited booth 302-303 in Hall 6 to learn more about what can be done with blockchain technologies, and with NEM in particular, for their various use cases.

The booth visitors particularly appreciated NEM’s technology that is immediately available for real-life industry deployment. Some of them had been talking to “blockchain projects” for months and never reached any stage near to production, and NEM surprised them positively.


Inside Fintech

Among the most interesting booth visitors to NEM were two central bank representatives who were gauging the possible integration of NEM/Mijin technology. One person was interested in equipping military inventory with keypairs and tracking their movements in the field. From the private commercial side, we had eye-opening conversations with experts from the remittance, gaming and banking sector.

Professor Jeff McDonald, inventor of the Apostille system using NEM blockchain technology, and core team member of the NEM project spearheaded the booth and focussed on running hourly live presentations of the NEM blockchain node using a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, and showing the fully-working Proof of Concept application “Apostille”. During his demos, he notarized sample titles of ownership on the blockchain and then transfered their ownerships and append updated messages to the notarization accounts.

The other four NEM representatives have been kept busy handing out brochures and explaining NEM’s benefits to booth visitors. At the end of day one, an additional 300pcs of brochures in English and Korean had to be express printed in order to cater for the next day of the exhibition.


Rene Bernard, president of the NEM Association Malaysia Chapter, presented on the first day and was attended by approximately 100 professionals who were seeking “real world applications” of the Blockchain technologies.

The talk focussed on the Apostille project which only uses NEM Blockchain and AngularJS (no additional backend servers). The talk was well received, and a handful of the audience visited our booth afterwards to look at the live demo.


Follow-ups with the exhibition attendees who showed interest in the NEM technology are ongoing at the time of writing.

Takao Asayama from Tech Bureau, Corp. Japan and Lon Wong from Dragonfly Fintech Pte.Ltd. Singapore (specialists for implementations of the NEM Mijin permission-chain project) are following up with the government and industry leads that came up from the event.


About NEM

NEM is an open source blockchain project that first started in February, 2014. A project that was developed from the ground up using Java, it is undergoing a second iteration in order to enhance its performance.

The NEM blockchain solution is a peer-to-peer platform technology that comes in 2 flavours, i.e., the public chain and the private chain (called “Mijin“). NEM platform technology is designed to work with mainstream industry requirements, and being a highly versatile solution, it is well suited for the financial industry as well as for general-purpose use.

NEM’s enhanced features give rise to a holistic solution not found in most blockchains. These include a multi-ledger solution for management of multiple assets and multi-signatory of transactions. One of the more creative applications of the NEM blockchain technology is the Apostille solution where documents can be notarized and subsequently updated and transacted from one owner to another. In regards to financial blockchain solutions, NEM finds its use in payment, clearing, and settlement in an entirely controlled private environment that meets with the requirements of most regulatory frameworks.


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