Roundup of the recent NEM event in Cyberjaya, MY (October 4th)

Around 100 guests attended the event “Demystifying Blockchain, Bitcoin & Fintech” in Cyberjaya, Malaysia, which took place on the 4th October, 2016. It was the second time that NEM participated in a Malaysian based event.

The agenda of the day was structured around three hot topics – Blockchain, Bitcoin and NEM.

The introduction into the Blockchain concept was presented by Rene B., International Tech Entrepreneur, explaining the Blockchain in general.


“Distributed Ledger Technology is today’s state of evolution of computing.”

This was followed by a talk on Bitcoin which was delivered by Colbert Low, Owner of Bitcoin Malaysia.

Lon Wong took to stage as the last speaker for the night to talk about the enhanced Blockchain Technology of NEM. Lon Wong is the founder and CEO of DragonFly Fintech Pte. Ltd. and is a core member of the NEM Blockchain team. Lon Wong is spearheading the visibility of NEM in Malaysia and has done a reasonably good job at it. Malaysian visitors are the highest ranked by visitors at the website for a couple of months now.


More than half of the visitors were enthralled for 45 minutes in the AMA session with Lon Wong.

The evening was rather eventful as it led to an increase in awareness of NEM. In fact, there were quite a few interests shown from the event.

Rene sums up his impressions: “The interest in the event exceeded our expectations (and estimations!) – we raised the capacity from an initial 100 to 150 during registration. What made me personally even happier is the fact that more than 50 people stayed on until 10 pm and took part in the highly interesting AMA session.”

Following the event, some participants from a cross-section of industries, including universities, expressed their interest in the NEM Blockchain project.

The Malaysian chapter of NEM is in the midst of being formed. In line with NEM’s international charter, NEM Malaysia shall continue to promote and grow the interest in the country and the region. NEM Malaysia intends to set up a NEM Blockchain lab in the country to service the country and the world. This lab setup has attracted quite some interest from some of the Government linked agencies.

On the 6th of October, Rene also held an audience with some Dutch Visitors from the University Twente who visited Cyberjaya, Malaysia. He took the opportunity to share with them about the NEM Blockchain project. Greetings to Enschede, NL!


Some participants out of the areas of financing, university research, and general business declared interest.

NEM Malaysia Association is now focusing on expanding business and building up a NEM Blockchain lab ecosystem locally.

Written by NEM Team

Date of publication: October 12, 2016

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