Tech Bureau to start issuance of enterprise virtual currency tokens using blockchain technology with Zaica

Tech Bureau to start issuance of enterprise virtual currency tokens using blockchain technology with Zaica.

Tech Bureau, a company which has the blockchain technology product “Mijin” and crypto-currency exchange “Zaif”, announced that it will provide a service called “Zaica” where users can create their own crypto-currencies and tokens based on the blockchain.
The user, a corporate client, in this case, would issue tokens such as collectible cards, tickets, voting cards, and points for given services on the blockchain. At the same time, the user can also put their crypto-currencies and tokens on an exchange list at Zaif, an exchange Tech Bureau provides.




Since the beginning of 2016, the value of the blockchain has been gradually accepted among many industries. And it is also garnering attention by media, as some well-known financial firms have announced that they will adapt and apply blockchain technology to their businesses.

Tech Bureau has decided to support clients to create crypto-currencies and tokens without spending an enormous amount of money.


What is Zaica?

Zaica is a support service, by which a client can issue token-assets. These tokens are easily disseminated, sent, and widely distributed to people. Also, they can be listed on Zaif exchange.


Features of Zaica

Tokens issued by Zaica have features based on the blockchain, which are the same as Bitcoin.

Token issuers can

・Limit the number of tokens

・Prevent tampering with tokens

・Prevent disseminating assets without notifications

・Prevent spoofing


Plus, not only general “coins” and “crypto-currencies”, but Zaica users are also able to issue digital assets which have the following features:

・Electric collectible and limited edition cards

・Voting cards by which voters use only once

・Electric tickets which people cannot resell

・Money or items in games


Examples of Zaica

Zaif, an exchange that Tech Bureau manages, sends its own tokens called “ZAIF” based on the Counterparty network to users of Zaif, depending on their volume of trade. Tech Bureau comments that “ZAIF” tokens will be used for many services on Zaif.


Alliance partners of Zaica

Tech bureau has started Zaica and will issue tokens, put them on Zaif exchange, and support clients in implementing them for many use cases, and is making alliances with the following companies:


Companies which will create digital token assets.

FISCO Ltd. : Plans to issue “Fisco coins”, and distribute them to its shareholders.


OKWAVE :  Plans to issue tokens that users of OKWAVE can get as a reward by answering questions on its website.


Estore corporation : Plans to give rewards to users of its e-commerce website by tokens.


Zaica Integration Partners

Infoteria Corporation : Plans to develop new adapter of ASTERIA WARP, its software product, for Zaica and to support clients to use tokens.


arara inc. : Plans to support enterprises to create tokens, with its many experiences of experiment and development.


SJI Inc. :Plans to develop systems for which clients want to use tokens.


CurrencyPort Limited : Plans to develop API and SDK where users can use tokens, issued by Zaica, on web apps, mobile apps, and IoT devices.


About a real time voting system, “Zaif Vote”

Tokens created on Zaica can be used as voting cards on “Zaif Vote”, a system Tech Bureau developed recently. The result of a vote will be visible and collectible in real time.


For example, if a user of Zaif Vote would issue only one token for each person as a vote card and would accept the token from only original receiver, then it can realize a real-time, non-spoofable, and limited to each person voting opportunity.


Takao Asayama, an CEO of Tech Bureau, said that 2016 is the dawn of a token economy and unreproducible digital assets can start to trade. In 2017, higher price of digital assets will be tradable on the blockchain, such as Bitcoin and NEM blockchain. Tech Bureau wants to lead the token economy, he added.


Technology of Zaica

Zaica adopts Counterparty, NEM Mosaic, and mijin as tokens that clients of Zaica will issue.


Future Development

There are fees paid in a certain amount of Bitcoin or XEM when users send tokens and cryptocurrencies on Zaica. To facilitate this, Zaica will introduce a micropayment channel. This technology will be popular in 2016 to 2017, and deal with small amounts and real-time payments which are necessary for the IoT, let’s say “a token of a hundred of millionth”.



Date of publication: August 25, 2016

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