Update! NEM Beta 0.6.82 – Hardfork incoming(block 875k) with a fresh fee structure




Update! NEM beta 0.6.82 – Hardfork incoming(block 875k)There will be a fee fork at height 875000 (which is roughly at the end of November) where a new fee structure will kick in.

1) New fee structure:
a) Transfer Transaction:
i) Non-mosaic XEM transfers pay 1 XEM per 10_000 XEM transferred, capped at 25 XEM. Transactions under 20_000 XEM pay 1 XEM.
examples: 4 XEM fee for a 45_000 XEM transfer, 12 XEM fee for 125_000 XEM transfer, 25 XEM for a 500_000 XEM transfer.
ii) Mosaics with a divisibility of 0 and a maximum supply of 10_000 are called small business mosaics. The fee is 1 XEM for any transfer of a small business mosaics.
For other mosaics, the formula is more complicated. Basically, a XEM equivalent for the mosaic transfer is calculated and then i) is applied. To compensate for mosaics that have considerably lower supply than the XEM mosaic, a supply related adjustment is made to that fee. This leads to considerably lower fees for mosaics with low supply.
Formula: x = number of mosaics transferred, fee = Max(1, Min(25, x * 900_000 / MosaicSupply) – floor(0.8 * ln(9_000_000_000_000_000 / MosaicSupply * 10^divisibility)))
iii) messages: 1 xem per commenced 32 message bytes (fee = floor(messageLength / 32) + 1).
b) Provisioning a namespace:
fee for the transaction: 20 XEM
fee for root namespace provisioning: 5000 XEM
fee for sub-namespace provisioning: 200 XEM
c) Mosaic creation and changing a mosaic definition:
fee for the transaction: 20 XEM
fee for mosaic creation or changing its definition: 500 XEM
d) Fee for other transaction types to stay the same.
2) Maximum message is increased from 160 to 320 bytes.
3) There is a new API request /transaction/get to lookup a transaction by hash.
Example: http://bigalice3.nem.ninja:7890/transaction/get?hash=215b900475b13f724acc9fbe249bb9ffd31451c2352ed51b9637143cde4c260a6
To fully support hash based transaction lookup, a node must set the entry in the NIS config.properties (config-user.properties) nis.transactionHashRetentionTime to -1.
This means all transaction hashes in the blockchain are held in memory and therefore is only recommended for nodes with at least 2GB memory.
At least the nodes with the following ips will fully support the lookup:

BigAlice3: (Germany)
HashService1: (USA)
HashService2: (Hong Kong)
HashService3: (Netherlands)

BigAlice2: (USA)
MedAlice2: (USA)

This upgrade is mandatory.

If you’re using the installer, make sure to stop running NCC and NIS before running the installer!
NEM requires Java 8
Remember the installer requires 64-bit Java
You can download Java from official page: http://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp125
You can start NCC and NIS with an installer from the following link: http://bob.nem.ninja/installer/
Standalone version: http://bob.nem.ninja/12

Source: https://forum.nem.io/t/nem-beta-0-6-82/2949

Date of publication: 24.10.2016

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